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Q: How do I install the new Beamdog Client

Easy! Go to

Q: Can I use the Beamdog Client on Windows/Linux/macOS?

Yes, the Beamdog Client can be used on desktops using these operating systems:

    macOS: Only 64-bit, minimum version is 10.9.

    Windows: Windows 7 or later.

    Linux: Built for Ubuntu 16.04, confirmed to work on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, Fedora 24, and Debian 9.

Q: I'm having trouble with the Beamdog Client how do I fix it?

First, try shutting down the Beamdog Client and restarting it.

If that does not help, back up any mod files you have applied to the game. Then for the game click the 'Options' button and select 'Verify Game'. This process will check your game files and let you know if it detects any changes to your game. If it does, allow it to restore your game to a clean state. Once this verification process has completed, check if your problem has been solved.

If you are still encountering problems, contact Support with details for more specific help.

Q: How do I install my games to different locations?

When you first launch the Client you will pick a default location for your games to install to. If you want to add more locations for your games, you can click on the cog in the lower right, select 'Settings', and use 'Add Folder' in the Settings window. You can also add a game folder by choosing to 'Install' a game and then using 'Add Folder' within the Install window.

Q: How do I install a game?

Sign into the client and select the game you want to install. Click the ‘Install’ button and choose what folder you’d like to install the game into, and hit ‘Okay’.

Q: I'd like to try a beta version of the Beamdog Client. How can I do so?

If you want to try out just the latest beta version of the Beamdog Client, you can visit and switch the ‘Channel’ dropdown in the top right from ‘stable’ to ‘beta’. The ‘Download’ button will now give you the newest version of the Client, including betas. If you want a specific beta version of the Client, you can go to and click ‘Show All Versions’ and then click the download button appropriate for your operating system for the particular version you want.

If you want to get all of the latest betas for the Client as they come out, you can go into the Settings window within the client and change the ‘Pre-Release Opt-in’ dropdown from ‘None’ to ‘Beta’. Once you restart the Client it will get all the latest beta updates.

Q: I've been playing a beta version of a game, but now I'd like to switch back. How can I do that?

If you own multiple versions of a game then there will be a dropdown under the title of the game in the Beamdog Client that allows you to switch freely between your versions of the game, such as between the beta and normal version of the game. You can install and uninstall different versions independent of each other and they are stored in different folders.

Q: My screen says there's an error with the Beamdog Client! What should I do?

To report an issue with the Beamdog Client, please visit our support site ( Describe the issue and includes the following information:

  1. 1. What platform or Operating software are you working on?

  2. 2. What game are you having the issues with?

  3. 3. What Version of the Beamdog client are you running?

  4. 4. Could you attach the Beamdog Log files?

  5. 5. What are the steps you took to encounter this bug?

  6. 6. Can you repeat this bug? Does it keep happening?

Q: How can I tell what version of the Beamdog Client I'm running?

Sign into the Beamdog Client, and click on the cog in the bottom right. Select ‘Settings’. In the Settings window, the version number should be on the bottom left in grey text.

Q: How do I attach my log files?

Sign into the Beamdog Client and right-click on the cog in the bottom right. Select ‘Open Log Files’. Select all the logs in the folder, and pack them into a .Zip file. Attach this .zip file to the ticket with your name and the game you experienced the bug on.

Q: I have mods installed on one of my games. How do I stop the Beamdog Client from creating a fresh install over them?

If you have not yet added your game to the Beamdog Client, then you can click the ‘Install’ button and choose the ‘Find Existing Game’ option. Point it to your game and it will detect your mods and ask you if you want to restore your game to a clean state. Choose ‘cancel’ to prevent this cleaning, and your game will now be playable within the Beamdog Client without any changes to your mods.

Once a modded game is installed within the Beamdog Client, it will leave your modded files alone until you give permission for it to change your files. If an update for the game comes out and you try to update, you will be warned that updating will overwrite your files, because an update cannot be done without first restoring a game to a clean state.

Choosing the ‘Verify Game’ option or clicking on the tool icon for your modded game will also detect that mods have been applied and ask you if you want to restore your game to a clean state. Choosing to ‘cancel’ the verification will leave your modded files alone.

Q: How do I point the Beamdog Client to an already installed game?

Sign into the Beamdog Client and select the game you want to install. Click the ‘Install’ button and in the window that pops up, choose ‘Find Existing Game’ and point it at the existing copy of your game. The Beamdog Client will check that you’ve selected a valid installation, and if it detects changes to the game installed in that location it will give you the option to restore the game to a clean state or leave it as-is but bring it into the Client.

Q: How do I redeem a physical copy of an Enhanced Edition using the Beamdog Client?

To redeem a physical copy of an Enhanced Edition, log into the Beamdog Client and select the game you’d like to redeem. Click the shown ‘Redeem Physical Copy’ button. When prompted, select the directory where you’ve installed your copy of the game (For example, “C:\Program Files\Deep Silver\Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition”). After the Beamdog Client notifies the game has been verified and added to your account, it will be available to install through the Beamdog Client. If you run into any issues during this process, please contact us at

Q: The Beamdog Client is telling me to contact support but the button doesn't work. What do I do?

Try going to our Beamdog Client support page.

Q: What does the Verify Game option do?

The ‘Verify Game’ option is used to restore a game to a clean and known working state. If you are encountering problems with your game you can use the ‘Verify Game’ option to check that your game has downloaded correctly, and it will fix and broken or missing files that it finds. It will however warn you that in this cleaning process, and modded files will also be removed or restored to their original state.

Q: Why do a have a tool icon next to my game? What does it mean?

When the Beamdog Client detects that files for a game have changed, it shows a tool icon to indicate that the game has been changed from its clean state. If you haven’t installed any mods yourself this may mean your game files were downloaded incorrectly or have been corrupted, and you can click on this tool icon to choose and restore the game to a clean state. If you have modded the game yourself, then you can ignore this icon until a time where you would like to restore your game to a clean state. Note that the Beamdog Client does not constantly check all of your game files, so it is possible for you to mod your game without the tool icon appearing, if the Client has not checked on the modded files. Your changes will still be detected when you take an action that would involve changing game files, such as updating or verifying the game.

Q: One of my games has an 'Incomplete' button, what does this mean?

The Beamdog Client provides an ‘Incomplete’ button if you tried installing a game but an error occurred in the process and it wasn’t able to complete installation. Common causes of this might be that you tried to install to a location that no longer exists, such as a memory stick that you have removed, or you tried installing in a location which the Beamdog Client doesn’t have permission to write to such as Program Files. Clicking on this ‘Incomplete’ button will let you choose to uninstall the game which will give you an ‘Install’ button and stop warning you about the failed installation. Or, you can choose ‘Retry’ which will give you the ‘Install’ window and let you try again to install the game, to either the same location or somewhere different.

Q: What does "Sign Out and Forget Me" mean?

If you have checked the ‘Remember me’ and/or ‘Log me in automatically’ options in the Login window of the Client but now want the Client to stop remembering your login information, the ‘Sign Out and Forget Me’ option will clear this saved login information and next time you launch the Client the username and password fields will be blank.

Q: I already have one of your games, but I just installed the new client and it wants me to download the game again. How can I tell the client that I already have the game installed?

Select the appropriate game and then choose ‘Install’ and then ‘Find Existing Game’. Navigate to the location where the game is installed. Note that the folder you are looking for will be a number, such as 00798 for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition on PC. If you choose an invalid folder, a pop-up will inform you of the correct name.